Red and White Troops!

It’s 29 of August, two days count down to the ‘Finish’ line of the Busby SEO Challenge which held by the an Australian SEO Company. No thing I can do, except giving my best for my friends who enroll this big game. I just want to help my favorite challenger, Pogung, keep his position.

I would like to give my credit also for my guru, imfreaks – a Busby SEO Challenge contestant also, who also have good posisition to rise up his position one step. Let’s beat the Sphereteam (Aussi) or Pinayspeak (Philipine) contesttant.

Adhi Nugaraha, my credit for your effort on this Busby SEO Challenge also! You are great! Yudhi,..  keep fight. I like your Busby SEO Challenge page very much!

Well,..  I give my best credit for you guys ..! Because your are my friend, my guru. Hope the best for you. Hope you will be indonesian bllogger  SEO guru. Success !!


Dukung SEO Master Indonesia di Busby SEO Challenge

Busby SEO Challenge is participated by SEO specialists, guru’s, masters, authorities, hot shots and aces from all over the world. Participants are given 3 months term to use their best endeavours to optimise ‘Busby SEO Challenge‘ keyphrase to be appears as the highest position on

I would like to support all indonesian contestants to be the top positions in this contest, they are:

  1. Busby SEO Challenge Brokencode’s page
  2. Busby SEO Challenge Pogung’s page
  3. Busby SEO Challenge Catung’s page
  4. Busby SEO Challenge Dewaji’s page
  5. Busby SEO Challenge Dexno’s page
  6. Busby SEO Challenge Ray’s page
  7. Busby SEO Challenge Yudhi’s page
  8. Busby SEO Challenge The Sky’s page
  9. Busby SEO Challenge Lumonata’s page

To all Indonesian bloggers, they need your supports. Choose one of above Indonesian Contestants list, give them your support by create a backlink to their page on your blogroll using text : Busby SEO Challenge.

If you are an Indonesia contestant and have not listed above, please contact me and I will add your page for free. I would like to join the contest too, but it’s already too late I think. Hope you are success folks …