Easy way to monitor Rapidshare Happyhour!

Rapidshare is world downloaders’ paradise, it a place where you can download anything in a big size. But if you are not a premium member of RS, downloading access is limited to 1 file only, the you have to wait for about an hour in order to get the next download access.

But there’s a tool to monitor RS Happyhour, it will show an indicator on your firefox so that you can watch whether RS happyhour is available or not. To do so, you have to install Happychecker Firefox add-on whcih you can get from this link. Download, and install it!

Next, there will a small indicator on your bottom-right firefox window. If you see a green sign, it means RS happyhour is availabe. It’s time for you to download your file. But if you see a red sign, happyhour is not available right now. You can try to download the file, but you could be fail or maybe you will find a counter for about 2,7 minutes to wait.

Well,.. it’s not a tool to grant you with such premium member, it’s onlya tool to monitor RS Happyhour Availability. Hope it’s usefull !


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